How to Reset MahaDBT Scholarship Password & Find Username

It’s prevalent to forget your MahaDBT Scholarship Portal password or username. I always suggest to my friends that they must write their username and password in a diary or somewhere safe.

How To Find MahaDBT Username

Now in case, you forgot your MahaDBT username, then you have to follow the below steps.

mahadbt forgot username

STEP 1: To find your lost username, click here

STEP 2: Enter your full name

STEP 3: Enter your mobile number

STEP 4: Enter your date of birth

STEP 5: Write a captcha and click on ‘Get User Name‘; you will receive your username on your registered mobile number.

How To Reset Password

Now in case you forgot your MahaDBT Login password, to reset it, follow the steps below:

mahadbt password reset

STEP 1: Visit this link

STEP 2: Enter your username and click on ‘GET OTP

STEP 3: You will get OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in the box.

STEP 4: Set a new password and confirm it by re-entering.

Congratulations, you have successfully restored your username and password.

NOTE: To keep your password safe, I will advise you to write down your username and password in any diary or somewhere safe.


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