MahaDBT AADHAR Seeding Process for Scholarship

It is essential to seed your bank account with your AADHAR number. Without planting your AADHAR number with your bank account, you will not be eligible for the scholarship, which will not be credited to your account.

What is AADHAR Seeding?

AADHAR seeding is linking your bank account to AADHAR via the NPCI server. DBT was rolled out by the prime minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, to ensure that benefits will be directly credited to the beneficiary, not the middleman. That’s why linking the AADHAR number to the bank account via the NPCI server is mandatory and essential.

Though I mentioned that seeding is like linking Aadhar to a bank account, both are still different. Whenever you open an account in any band, they ask for your Aadhar card. That means your Aadhar card is linked to your bank account. Still, seeding links the Aadhar number to a specific bank account number, so you will only receive any fund disbursement in that provided bank account number.

How to Verify AADHAR Seeding with a Bank Account?

If you are confused about whether your Aadhar is linked with your bank account, verify which bank account number is mapped to your Aadhar number. To verify and check, you have  to visit the official website Aadhar and follow the below steps:

aadhar seed status

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in all your details like Aadhar number and security code.
  3. You will receive OTP on your Aadhar registered mobile number
  4. Enter your OTP in the box and click on the submit button.
  5. Now, you will see the name of the bank account to which your account is seeded.

If you don’t see any details, your Aadhar might not be linked to your bank account. So you have to visit your nearest bank account and fill up the NPCI Aadhar-bank account linking form.

How To Seed Bank Account Number with AADHAR?

To seed your bank account number with your Aadhar number, you must visit the nearest branch of your bank and fill up Annexure I. Once you fill in the details in Annexure I, please submit it to the bank officer. After submitting Annexure I, the bank officer will give you acknowledgment of receipt. He will then check and verify all the details and link your Aadhar number to your bank account.

To get Aadhar linked with your account number, it will take max. 6-7 days. After these periods, you can verify your seeding process by following the steps above.

10 thoughts on “MahaDBT AADHAR Seeding Process for Scholarship”

  1. Actually i have already registered here but due to unlinked of the aadhar card to bank account i didnot get the freeship koney back …so can u tell what the status of it ..

  2. My adhar is mapped but mahdbt sent message showing that adhar mapping not done but my adhar is mapped with npci so will my scholarship be disbursed??

  3. i have been trying to do do this from days now. my bank says my aadhar is linked with my bank account. but on mahadbt it is showing not linked. what to do?

    • Try to verify the details through aadhar portal and check the bank account details. Seeded bank account and the account you added must be same

  4. Dear Team,
    I have already linked my Aadhar to the Bank. Still, I am not able to apply to any scheme. On the DBT portal it also shows the last updated status is on 31-10-2023 Notification section. But Aadhar link tab is not working and not able to apply due to this issue kindly solve my issue.

    • Yeah we can understand. Maybe due to heavy load site may not responding well. Its better to try at night when most load is comparatively less.


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