Mahadbt Site is Not Working? Here is the Reason & Solution

Hello friends, MahaDBT said the new registration process started on 11 October 2023. Many students have already renewed their applications, and others have registered themself for the first time.

But, recently, it has come to notice that the MahaDBT official website is not working, and many students are facing issues with opening the website. While opening, students face the error, as shown in the screenshot below.

mahadbt site not working

So, I am sharing the method for opening the MahaDBT site below.

It’s hectic knowing that the scholarship website is not working correctly. It’s necessary and urgent to submit the form before the due date.

This error is due to the website’s SSL certificate. As we read the warning, we learned that the website’s SSL certificate expired 32 days ago, that’s why it’s not opening. But do not worry. Following the method below, you can access the website and complete your MahaDBT scholarship form.

How to Open the MahaDBT Website

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: Click on the Advanced button.

Step 3: Click on “Proceed to (unsafe)

Step 4: The MahaDBT Site will now start working. Now, you can submit your MahaDBt Scholarship form.

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  1. When i apply for sceme it shows your adhar bank not linked then i check in the adhar bank link tab in that tab it shows try some time later….this thing happen from 15jan till the date i try this but its not working….i am also check in the bank, in bank the link is active…


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